Flashes of Leadership Insight? LO17365

Walter Derzko (wderzko@pathcom.com)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 00:47:03 -0800

My Little Oxford dictionary defines "insight" as mental penetration.

-When was the last time that you had a flash of insight? Insight is most
often tied to knowledge or wisdom, rather then dealing with data or

Think back....

-Are there generic questions or prompts that one can use to quicken the
time to insight ? (TTI)
-Are there specific categories of insight ? i.e. Questioning insight-which
questions to ask and in what order?
-Are there specific cognitive operations in the insight-gaining process ?
Can we specify them ?
-Can we structure or codify the insight-formation process ?
-Is there a model that addresses the steps of the insight-generation
process from confusion and frustration to information seeking to clarity ?
-Is insight-generation context specific ?
-Are there universal mental barriers to insight formation ? If there are
barriers, do we need to remove them or just use the cognitive skills to
address them ?
-At the tactical level, is insight-generation the ability to quickly
dismiss the preferred but unworkable first solution that comes to mind
followed by the ability to immediately see parallel or contradictory
pathways or potential solution roads ?
-Is insight-generation quickened by focusing or by reflection or both?
-Is there such a thing as an insight-enhancing environment ?
-Does insight-production work better for some at the concrete idea level or
the more abstract concept level ?
-Is insight-generation a process of shifting from concrete to abstract or
vise-versa ?.
-Is insight-generation just a matter of consciously or unconsciously
rethinking, rehashing or repatterning existing information, therefore is
time-dependence an uncontrollable variable ?
-Are there insight-forming temperaments?
-Do psychological instruments exist that measure insight capacity?
-What disciplines actually study insight ?
-Is insight formation at the tactical, concrete problem-solving level
different from insight at the more abstract opportunity creation level ?
-Is insight generation an evolutionary or revolutionary process ?
-Can one practice insight-formation like piano scales ?
-Any good review papers on the topic?
-What other questions should we be asking about insight ?

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