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Tue, 10 Mar 98 11:51:50 PST

While I have not been following the content of this particular thread,
I would like to point to an interesting article that just appeared in
a relatively new journal published by Booz-Allen & Hamilton. The
journal, "Strategy & Business," Issue #10, First Quarter 1998, posts a
personal interview with Chris Argyris. This interview directs its
attention to three major areas: organizational learning;
organizational knowledge and how you structure, manage and deal with
it; and leadership. The questions and responses use Argyris' Model
I/Model II type organizations to indicate why organizational learning
and knowledge management is so difficult to accomplish, even when
management espouses Model II behavior.

I believe the interview to be an important read. If you cannot find
the journal, the full text is accessable on line at the journal's home
page. The URL is <>.

David Novick

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