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Vander Wilt, Bob (
10 Mar 1998 14:39:28 -0600

I am currently organizing a new graduate level seminar offering in the
Department of Educational Leadership at Mankato State University (MN)
entitled "The Language of Leadership". The idea came after reading Dr.
Marlene Caroselli's book by the same name. In her book she offers a
comprehensive analysis of the leadership language of ten successful
American leaders. She deals with topics such as Languages of Power,
Politics, Persuasion, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Journalism, and

Therefore, I am interested in knowing of any similar seminar offerings,
any resources such as video-tapes or printed speeches, and any other
textbook possibilites. I think this topic can be a rich and interesting
one and I am looking forward to developing a worthwhile seminar. Any
assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks in advance for your time and assistance!!


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