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Vana wrote:

"another obvious point to hit upon is, "will they come if you build it?"

They are more likely to come if THEY build it. I guess it's the well worn
principle of involvement.

Scott wrote:

"Knowledge is power and it should be shared and moderated, not

Absolutely. However this doesn't stop us using the term Knowledge
Management. Rather it encourages us to define Management in terms more
appropriate to today's organisations. It does mean that such a definition
probably has to be part of any KM presentation.

Tom suggests:

"> - how will it improve efficiency / speed
> - how much money / time will it save me

"These are a set of the wrong questions, again."

They might be the wrong questions from a purist point of view but they are
the kind questions which any audience - particularly a sceptical one --
will ask. So, if we are going to get their involvement and commitment, we
better answer them.

A list of quick-quotes on bottom-line benefits from KM and LO would be
valuable, particularly if they could demonstrate quick gains. Quick gains
are the kind which get senior management excited :)

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