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Sun, 22 Mar 1998 14:36:36 +0000

Announcing the Institute for Transforming Leadership
May 31-June 6, 1998, held in Southern New Hampshire.

A Program of The Center for Psychology and Social Change
affiliated with Harvard Medical School

This 6-day residential training is for adults in leadership roles who
are seeking new ways to connect and find meaning with their work
and new tools to better understand the complexity of problems facing

This experiential retreat invites you to learn and practice exciting
ways of increasing awareness of our rich interconnections with each
other and the universe. New resources emerge for leadership and
positive change from an expanded worldview. The program utilizes
advanced earning methods drawn from living systems theory, personal
growth and meditation practices, psychology, and leadership theory.

Here is a partial list of some authors whose work is related to ours,
for your reference: Meg Wheatley, David Whyte, Warren Bennis, David
Joanna Macy, Robert Fritz, Arie De Geus, Ralph Stacey, Julian Gresser,
Stanislov Grof, Theodore Roszak, Anita Spencer and Gareth Morgan.

The Institute is facilitated by James Thornton, J.D., Sarah Conn, Ph.D.,

Diane Haug, M.A. and Michael DiIanni, Psy.D. It is a program of the
Center for Psychology and Social Change, affiliated with the Department
of Psychiatry, the Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Full information available at
Phone (617) 497-1553 Fax (617) 497-1553

Please feel free to post and/or forward this announcement to others who
might be interested.
Thank you.

Michael DiIanni, Psy.D. <>
Administrative Director of
The Institute for Transforming Leadership


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