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My own experience in this realm has been pretty true to the rules of
empowerment. Ask the people who are most effected to problem-solve the
issue. They usually know best what works and does not, what is realistic
etc. Get them involved early and make them own it. A system that is
created and given to them is destined to fail unless they are committed to
making it work.

hope this helps.

Vana Prewitt wrote:
> My concern here is how to introduce it so as to deal most effectively with
> the possible resistance of the project workers and other people who come
> in contact with the initiative. I believe that I have the leeway with my
> sponsor (the Regional Manager) to "do it right", so there's no pressure to
> ramrod a "prebuilt" process through. On the other hand, there's some
> pressure to have it work out well (being the first step in the
> initiative), and I want to cover all the important bases.
> I've been reading the resources I have, such as an early edition of the
> Software Engineering Institute's guide for SE Process Groups (which has a
> good section on managing change, using a model of unfreezing-transition-
> refreezing). I've also gotten some inspiration from the Fifth Discipline
> Fieldbook chapters on Shared Vision, which I think applies to the
> initiative.


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