LO Conferences in Europe LO17559

Simon Buckingham (go57@dial.pipex.com)
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:26:00 -0800

Replying to LO17550 --

Any LO list members with an interest in "unorganization" are very
welcome to contact me to meet up in London to exchange learning
discoveries! regards simon buckingham, http://www.unorg.com

TEL +44 7000 366366, FAX +44 7000 366367, buck@dial.pipex.com

Tony Kortens wrote:
> Does anyone know of any interesting conferences / learning events / etc
> that are occuring in the UK, France, Austria or Italy between mid June and
> August 07 this year?
> I am in Europe this summer for other reasons and believe this LO community
> to be one of the best international forums to ask such a question.


Simon Buckingham <go57@dial.pipex.com>

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