LO Conferences in Europe LO17550

Tony Kortens (tkortens@silcon.com)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:03:08 -0800

Does anyone know of any interesting conferences / learning events / etc
that are occuring in the UK, France, Austria or Italy between mid June and
August 07 this year?

I am in Europe this summer for other reasons and believe this LO community
to be one of the best international forums to ask such a question.

Thanks in anticipation,

P.S. I do know that I will just miss the ELCO (sp?) conference in Turin in May.

[Host's Note: Conference announcements are welcome here. Keep them short,
relevant to org learning, and with an email or web contact for further
information, forms, etc. ...Rick]


Tony Kortens Action and Learning in Organizations Envision International Ph/fax (510) 939 4177 3 Lincolnshire Court, Lafayette, CA 94549, USA


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