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Walter Derzko (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:47:45 -0800

Dear Learning Org List members

re: March 25th meeting Creativity Consortium-Reward and Compensation
programs that foster and promote creativity and innovation.

Several LO list members who do not live in Toronto, have requested copies
of the materials on "Reward and Compensation Systems that foster and
promote creativity and Innovation".

I have cleared the copyright question with our presenter and have gotten
permission to provide you with the following materials.

We can provide you with:

1) a copy of the overheads, used on March 25th presentation, covering
rewards and compensation systems that foster and promote innovation.

2) a resource list of most-recently published journal papers complied by
researchers from MacMaster University

3) a background paper reviewing the latest research on reward and
compensation systems that foster creativity and innovation, written in
March 1998.

4) a copy of our composite picture of the "new knowledge worker"--a chart
comparing the dichotomy of the "manual worker" vs "knowledge worker",
which was developed at the Feb meeting of the Creativity Consortium

5) a copy of the workshop exercise that was used in the second half of the
Creativity Consortium meeting to explore the benefits and disadvantages of
the seven new reward/benefit schemes and to anticipate their corporate and
social consequences over time.

6) As well you'll get the collective insights from the various
participants, who you missed meeting.


7) if you are a paid member of the Creativity Consortium, a summary of the
ideas generated from the workshop portion of our meeting will be featured
in a future issue of the Creativity Consortium Newsletter.

The March 25th Creativity Consortium meeting was attended by a fairly
diverse crowd. We had participants from such well-respected organizations
as: Sheridan College, Hospital for Sick Children, Consumers Gas, York
University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Arthur Anderson,
Zurich Canada, Warner Lambert, Watson Wyatt, Unilever, Oracle, Ontario
Hydro, Baxter, Scotia Bank and others.

If you would like to order the above report, please forward a cheque made
out to the Creativity Consortium for $42.50 Canadian (cost of report plus
postage) or $37.50 US (if ordering from outside of Canada) and send it
to: The Creativity Consortium, 116 Galley Ave. Toronto, Ontario. Canada
M6R 1H1


Walter Derzko
Founder of the Creativity Consortium
Director Brain Space
(formerly the Idea Lab at
the Design Exchange)
116 Galley Ave.
Toronto, M6R 1H1
(416) 588-1122


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