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A classic example was the letter written by Albert Einstein to President
Roosevelt in 1941 identifying the slow build up of Uranium supplies in
Germany, and the apparent cessation of publications regarding atomic
research as an indication that atomic research was being conducted for
military purposes. Parenthetically, it was no small matter to reach the
next step, of deveoping an atomic weapon in the United States.

Stuart Harrow

>From: Walter Derzko[]
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>I'm looking for more current examples of "Situational Opportunities"
>This is when an individual or company can foresee and predict a
>distinct one-time event (not trend) and take some action to mitigate
>some perceived threat or create an opportunity surrounding it or through
>some association-real or perceived. Here's an example with the
>build-up of tensions over Iraq this week. Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
>is positioning itself as the source of experts. I'm sure many other
>institutions have equally qualified people, yet the failed to see the
>emerging "opportunity space" being created.


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