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Mon, 30 Mar 1998 20:10:14 -0800

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Richard C Holloway writes:
> The challenge, within the context of this list, might be to facilitate the
> conversation to the extent of capturing the "significant" aspects of each
> person's beliefs about evaluations or rankings. If we could discover
> those, though, and eliminate the "dramatic" (at least for the purpose of
> finding some integrative solution to the impasse), we might be able to
> move to the next level of discourse. While I would be willing to "assist"
> in this process, I'm not sure that I'm fully confident in outlining a
> process (in this medium) that will work. If we can create a cyber-white
> board, where we can record these specific issues, then it's worth a shot.
> Any ideas?

There is a mechanism that acts much like your "cyber-white board"; one
example of it is called the Wiki Wiki Web, accessible at

This particular wikiweb is devoted to design patterns, but the mechanism
could be used for other purposes just as well. You might browse a bit,
just to get the flavor of the interaction going on.

Thinking about it, it might be a nice adjunct to this list in general,
allowing interested people to work out threads of ideas with more
immediate visual feedback, then occasionally posting summaries,
invitations, etc. to the list. I don't know if Rick has the resources to
set something like this up, but it's worth a look.


Don Dwiggins "Solvitur Ambulando" SEI Information Technology

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