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Seni Nopwattanapong (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 21:48:24 PST

This is my first time in this list. I'm working in plastic manufacturing
in Thailand. My boss have assigned me to create learning organization
which is new concept in Thailand. There are only few company being
learning organization in Thailand. Meanwhile my company is on the process
of assessing ISO 9002. I have many trouble in starting LO. Would anyone in
this list help me to solving many problems.

1. Someone told me that ISO 9002 is a conflict concept with LO, is it

2. In LO, there is no Job Description, is it true?

3. In my organization, CEO still want top down management system. He
thinks that with our poor educated worker, Flat organization is very risk.

4. To be LO, what is the first task I should do?

5. About system thinking, if leader do not know the concept of system
thinker How can I do?

Thank you for answers



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