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On 30.3.98 05:30 Leslie Lax wrote:

>Letter grades may be useful when used with clearly define learning
>ourtcomes, or better yet, competencies.
>This may be accompanied by direct feedback to student and/or parent, but
>may also stand alone if the competencies are stated in a way which is
>easily understood.


Research in UK contradicts this. The finding (which I believe to be
supported by studies in the US and elsewhere) is that letter grades

The researchers suggest it works like this:

Many of those who get good grades ease off, get complacent.
Many of those who get poor grades give up.

The only people who benefit are those in the middle.

Direct _qualitative _ and _formative_ feedback on its own to the _learner_
enables every learner to make progress and raises standards across the

Hope this helps



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