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[Host's Note: This is the latest of several pointers that have been
encouraging me to take a look at this "Pattern" material. See for example
Stewart Brand's short review of Christopher Alexander's book "A Pattern
Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction" at

This is not just about programming. PLoP98?? Maybe! ...Rick]

This note is to invite all of you to contribute writing,
reviewing, or using Organizational Patterns. For the last
years, an increasing number of participants at PLOP:
(Deadline for submissions is May 12.)

have contributed with Organizational Patterns. These
patterns are recurring organizational structures of successful
software and business organizations, that conform with the
accepted existing pattern theory:

There are also a few of us that are working toward
unifying all of this org patterns in a Common Pattern Language.
This of course, is long term goal that will take us a few
years to complete. More on this at:

For a couple of good tutorials on patterns, see Brad Appleton's
tutorials and introductory papers at:


- Mike Beedle

"Patterns are great, but NOT everything is a pattern."


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