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Thanks for the nudge. I think I've been lurking far too long here!

> [Host's Note: This is the latest of several pointers that have been
> encouraging me to take a look at this "Pattern" material. See for example
> Stewart Brand's short review of Christopher Alexander's book "A Pattern
> Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction" at

The work we've been involved in at OutSights for the last 18 months
centers around the identification, management, and access of
organizational interaction patterns through an association relevance

The initial foundation of this work began with a recognition of the
systems archetypes as knowledge patterns, well differentiated from data
and information. See:

Knowledge Management

>From there we put together a scheme for coding, managing, and accessing
these patterns based on association relevance with partial segments of the
patterns. See:

Creating Knowledge Objects

For a trial access to the system we're constructing drop by:

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