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Dear list members,

Rick wrote:

which was a true laughsitive (the first today), and I thank him.

At 13.54 29/04/98 GMT+2, At de Lange wrote:
>Finally, what unprecedented paradigm shift do we need? If anybody
>cocludes that I am proposing my own paradigm shift, FORGET IT. It is
>so complex that few will understand it. Although its complexity helps
>me to understand reality better, this complexity also disqualifies
>it. We need a paradigm seemingly many orders less complex so that
>almost every human can understand it - young and old, simple and
>clever, normal and disabled. If I must propose any such a paradigm,
>it will be:
>LOVE REALITY (God, fellow humans, yourself and the rest of nature)

and I thank him also.

I get the feeling, this is a sensation, mind you, that there seems to be a
dispersion of energy here which just may go to waste by virtue of our own

Maybe it's time to go back to the library and go through till we reach that
5th book and find something we like.

I'm looking forward to "reading" more of you, At.

My best
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