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Hi,I am a MBA student from Tsinghua University in China. Before I came to
Tsinghua University I worked in a washing machine factory selling washers
in south-western China. It was last year that I began read the book "THE
FIFTH DISCIPLINE" since almost every managers in my factory were reading
it. It is a campaign to win competitive advantage in the washer market.
The general manager read the book somewhere and found the book very
useful, so he try to promote the organizational learning theory and
practice. Unfortunately it failed. Since I came to study I don't know why
it is stopped. Anyway I find the book really useful and I believe that if
every have read the book and practise it this world may be better. It was
in 1996 that "THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE"was translated into Chinese. Recently
I heard that a new book on learning org by Mr. Senge was published. I
don't know when I can read the new book.
I hope that I can make new friends through this mailing list.

All the best,

Chris Wu


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