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randy bennett (randyb@mcs.net)
Sun, 03 May 1998 18:35:37 -0500

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, materials regarding the following
questions is much appreciated. How does QUALITY OF WORK LIFE sound or
strike you, what's your reaction to the term; is it being used; are there
similar terms or descriptors? Also, what are your or other organizations'
strategies or programs for ensuring a satisfying, productive, healthy work
life for employees? And do you have an overall descriptor for such an

A recent conversation about my career goals made me realize that I needed
a handle, a term to capture and express my employee and organizational
development interest in workplace learning, career management, diversity,
managing change, improving communication, etc. Quality of Work Life feels
like a perfect fit, but I want to check the term out or reality test the
concept. I also need to find out what others are doing for an overall,
comprehensive quality of work life effort.

Thank you for any assistance or referrals, Randy.

Randy Bennett
847 266-1753
Fax 847 266-7693 (with name and cover sheet)


randy bennett <randyb@mcs.net>

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