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Mon, 4 May 1998 09:10:39 EDT

Hi everyone-

MR Communication Consultants will have a booth at the Linakage's Best of
Teams Conference in Chicago, May 5-7th. Please stop by and say hello. I
will be there available to talk to those who are interested in Team
Learning Programs in general, and The Team Learning Lab in particular. I
would love to put faces to some of the names on this list!

For those of you not familiar with MRCC's Team Learning Programs:

*Programs are modularized to allow 1-3 hour sessions over the course of
weeks...this dramatically improves learning and allows for practice
*Through the use of video and workbooks, teams take control of their own
learning as they share leadership
*There is no facilitator in the traditional sense, only a team learning coach
*Material is directly applied to the team's day-to-day work

I have worked with many organizations, manufacturing to health care, in
implementing The Team Learning Lab and have seen the impact it has had on

The Team Learning Lab is a great way to introduce teams to org'l learning
principles and/or to improve their functioning because they see immediate their conversations, in solving work problems, in developing
a shared vision (bringing some passion back to their work), and in
designing an action plan to help them accomplish their vision/goals.

I believe that these tools don't transform's the experiences
they have while learning and using these tools that transforms them.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Hope to meet some of you this week at Best of Teams 98.

My regards, Claire

Claire McCarty Kilian, Ph.D.
MR Communication Consultants - Midwest U.S.
715-726-0561 (phone) 715-726-0563 (fax)

Offering "The Team Learning Lab"...a practical program to improve results
through systems thinking, mental models, and shared vision.

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