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Hello to all!

Good question, it is my belief that the reason it gets stopped is because
there is an incongruency with the principles of the learning organization
and the mental model of industrial management still in use. I have made
the comment before that is is like trying to put an Apple Computer program
in a Windows Machine, it just won't boot up.

For example, The industrial model centralizes power at the top of the
organization, the leanning organization requires that power be diffused
among all the members of the organization in order for learning to occur
at every level. People bumping their heads, so to speak, against this
type of resistance find it difficult to get the powers to believe. One
other reason is that the learning organization is a process and it takes
time for results to be realized, I like to use the metaphor of planting a
garden. It just takes time for the seeds to grow into something useable.
This of course is again incongruent with an organization's intense
concentration on the short term, show me something today attitude. I like
Peter Senge's use of organization's with large innoculation systems, which
try to stamp out any foreign substances i.e. the learning organization
when it is introduced into the body (of the organization).

Again, without getting too far afield, it is why I believe so much in
collaborative leadership, it is a different mental model, a different
mindset in which the principles of the learning organization are congruent
with the princples of collaborative leadership.

So here is my two cents.

Good Day to you all,


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>I think it's an excellent question, why does the learning organization get
>There are successful case examples, but there are also lots of people
>who've tried it and then withdrawn the effort.

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