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Tue, 5 May 1998 16:05 +0200

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My name is Jose. I work for a large banking services firm in Madrid
(Spain). I am the Professional Development Manager.

I want to add some thoughts and questions to this debate, because we are
just "trying" to plan the future of training and development systems.

Hi and Rick wrote:

> why does the learning organization get stopped?

In my opinion, before implementing a learning organization, you must take
into account:

* There must be a profitable. I know that is a hard point, but we work for
shareholders who invest to obtain return.

* It is not only necessary to get commitment from top CEO, the rest of top
managers must be, also, commited with the idea.

These are some ways to get commitment:

- To demostrate that learning organizations meet better
customer?s needs.

- To include the practice of learning organizations as an
objective of the budget (incentives).

* You need a broad-minded culture:

- Employees must be ready to accept any change in their jobs
(responsabilities, techniques, tools,...)

- People must feel free to give any idea an they have to be
listened. It is a key point to let people to try their own
ideas (calculated risk).
People must be encouraged by their bosses to obtain such

* Finally, you need time. I think that learning organizatios are the
organizations of the future, but probably you have to change people?s mind
and mind changes when markets obligues to do that.

Best regards,

Jose Martin
E-mail: jose.huelves@grupobbv.com



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