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Terry Priebe (insight@dca.net)
Thu, 7 May 1998 12:08:55 -0400

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Jose Martin (LO17987) wrote:

" Finally, you need time. I think that learning organizatios are the
organizations of the future, but probably you have to change people?s mind
and mind changes when markets obligues to do that. "

Jose, the point you make here seems to be the point we miss most in
practice. So many of us and our organizations have good intentions and
skills to begin and understand the process of creating a LO, but we're not
so good at sticking with it - the long-term implementation. Whether times
are good or bad doesn't seem to matter. Once the event of beginning is
passed, the energy seems to increasingly dissipate.

An answer may come from your first point:

" There must be a profitable. I know that is a hard point, but we work for
shareholders who invest to obtain return. "

If we can continually re-focus our efforts on issues we, stakeholders,
really care about - that personally matters to us, then we may have a
better chance of continually reenergizing the long-term implementation
process. I think this is the essence of the re-visioning process Peter
Senge talks about.

Thanks for your contribution.

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