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John Dicus (jdicus@ourfuture.com)
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At 12:09 AM 5/7/98 EDT, MargMcI wrote:

>Yes, John, I saw it and agree with you about both the good work Tom Hanks et
>al have done on the series as well as the piece on Apollo 15 and the
>geologist. I was watching it again tonight and was intrigued. Could you say
>more on how you might teach people to "see" in organizations? I suspect it
>has something to do with distinctions and rigor.

I'd like to say more about it. But I'd like to have a new experience
settle in my head first. George Roth and Art Kleiner joined us on our
radio program today and we had a nice conversation about learning
histories. In that conversation many thoughts about history, story, and
context were surfaced. I'm sure that what I would write in a day or two
will be different than what I would write right now. Lat week, Paula
Underwood talked about Oral Tradition, and that seems to be in the story

So let me ponder a little, and thanks for asking.

Warm regards,

John Dicus


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