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Replying to LO17960 --

Earlier I brought up the term quality of work life and what you would
call the employee and organizational development that focuses on a
satisfying, productive, healthy work life which might include or encompass
learning organization, training/performance improvement, career
management, work family programs and diversity. Thank you again to those
who provided input.

The next question is who is doing an overall, comprehensive
program/initiative for ensuring a satisfying, productive, healthy work
life and what are the components/ingredients? For example, the recent U.S.
Dept. of Health and Human Services Strategy to Improve Quality of Work
Life is for improving communication with employees, strengthening work and
family programs establishing a model work and family center, providing
Internet access to all employees, increasing investment in workplace
learning as a first step towards creating a learning organization,
strengthening diversity management practices and better planning and
management of change.

If you are not doing a work life quality program/initiative, what would
you plan or propose if you were able to implement one and what would you
call it.

Anyway much appreciate any ideas, suggestions, referrals, resources or

Regards, Randy
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