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You wrote:

"(I) have not been able to reconcile passivity with co-operation.
Co-operation does not, in my view, come from passive acceptance of
another's view, direction or actions: that would be capitulation. Nor is
co-operation a middling medium, where neither party is satisfied with the
outcome: that would be compromise."

I agree. I don't think you have to reconcile passivity with co-operation.
What I mean is this. That often the person who is a "go along to get
along" is viewed as cooperative, rather than competitive. That is
passivity and, not really the type of cooperation which you describe
further on in your posting.

If you are going to be cooperative, then by all means, be fully engaged,
and fully cooperative. Don't hold back, give it all you got, and receive
all you can.

Finally, I think the confusion is that we are talking about different
aspects of cooperation. My point on passivity is really about actions or
non-actions which can be construed as cooperative, when in reality it is
not. I think you are talking about it in a more constructive sense.

I appreciate your continued thought about this. I hope this provides some

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