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I have been re-reading a neat resource: Sam Kaner (and others),
Facilitators Guide to Participatory Decision Making, New Society
Publishers, 1996. Kaner provides a useful table to understand some of the
dynamics of competition and collaboration/cooperation.

I hope the table reproduces.

[Rick, on p247, the authors expressly encourage reproduction for supportive
purposes, but not for fee-for-service training uses]

They describe two problem solving mindsets: Either/Or and Both/And

                         Either/Or                   Both/And

VALUE SYSTEM             Competitive                 Collaborative

TYPE OF OUTCOME          Win/Lose                    Win/Win

ATTITUDE TOWARD         To the victor goes           Your success is
"WINNING"               the spoils                   my success

ATTITUDE TOWARD         Someone has to              If someone loses,
"LOSING"                lose                        everyone loses

ATTITUDE TOWARD         Get with the                Everyone has a
MINORITY OPINIONS       program                     piece of the

WHY EXPLORE            To search for bargaining   To build a shared
DIFFERENCES BETWEEN   chips, in preparation for    framework
COMPETING POSITIONS?    horsetrading and          of understanding, in
                           compromise            preparation for mutual
                                                   creative thinking

ESSENTIAL MENTAL      Analyze: break wholes     Synthesise: integrate
ACTIVITY                  into parts             parts into wholes

HOW LONG IT TAKES    It is usually faster       It is usually faster
                      in the short run            in the long run

WHEN TO USE IT       When expedience is       When all parties have
                     more important than      the power to block any
                     durability.  Either/Or   decision and the issue
                     thinking will usually    is for high stakes,
                     produce satisfactory     Both/And thinking is
                     results.                 usually the only hope
                                              for resolution

UNDERLYING        Survival of the fittest    Interdependence
PHILOSOPHY                                   of all things

[Host's Note: Leslie, thanks for the labor of typing the above table. Hope
it comes through for readers in good format. ...Rick]


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