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Tue, 12 May 1998 23:06:32 EDT

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In a message dated 5/12/98 10:17:43 PM, Ben wrote:

>Another big stumbling block I think is the lack of trust between the
>employees and the managers. I wish every manager/executive I have known in
>my career displayed the wisdom of Rol Fessenden or Richard Goodale.
>Unfortunately they do not. So when mgmt. shows up with the idea of
>becoming a "learning organization" people scoff, laugh, or even mock the
>idea, and go about business as usual.

We have probably talked about this before, but I will raise it again. Ben
raises a critical issue - that of trust. I wonder what role the ability
of generating trust has for learning organizations, for
competition/cooperation, for high performance, etc.

Do we know how to GENERATE trust when it doesn't exist?
Could this be a key to sustaining LOs?
A key competence in the era of knowledge workers?

Hope we can get a good dialogue going on this!

Margaret McIntyre


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