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Hemingway defined courage as "grace under pressure."

Bull fighters and quarterbacks have to think fast under pressure: not
because of greedy owners or tyrannical coaches but because of the way the
game is played.

The new capitalism, global capitalism, has been called "gfast capitalism":
the players and the rules have changed, and time has become the curical
variable that determines winners and losers.

There are important implications for the style of learning of learning

Those organizations following traditional training routines that take
people off task once or twice a year and take them to a common place for a
few days of training are now competing with organizations whose learners
are linked by telecommunications into learning communities that allow
learning to go on every day and evening. In such organizations learning is
not a special and occasional intervention, but a daily event built into
the fabric of the organization.

Speed satisfies the relentless demands of the customer and the market.

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