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wohlert (wohlert@ibm.net)
Sat, 16 May 1998 23:28:47 -0500

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Mnr AM de Lange wrote:

> I now have to something very unpleasant. I have to take my dog Noah (a
> german shepperd dog) to the the vet to be set out. All the family had been
> crying since Friday when the vet and I took this decision. I will be the
> only one of the family to be with him during the last minutes. But life
> without quality (another essentiality) is not life any more. Noah told me
> so last Thursday evening. He has a strange way of speaking with soft
> noises which sounds like groans and moans. Alas, the LO between him and
> our family has to stop.

Dear At,

Curious, is it not, that of all the messages you have communicated on this
list, my heart responded most to this one because of your mention of Noah.
I am grateful that you were able to "listen" to him and let him go with
peace and dignity. My condolences on your loss and my celebration of you
and your family's life with Noah.

Kathy Wohlert


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