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Mnr AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Mon, 11 May 1998 17:07:28 GMT+2

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Dear Organlearners,

Rick Karash <rkarash@karash.com>, our moderator asks:

> I think it's an excellent question, why does the learning organization get
> stopped?

Rick, let us first think about how a LO begins.

I am still searching for a LO which, from its first day of being an
organisation, also was a LO. I have not yet found such an LO and would
appreciate it very much if someone could inform me with the details of
such a case.

In other words, first we have an organisation, and then after some time,
possibly a LO. This means something important to me, namely that a LO is
an emerging phenomenon. A LO begins as a emergence from an organistion
which was not an LO.

I believe that the more we knows what is favourable to emergences in
general, the more we will know what is favourable to the emergence of a
LO. Furthermore, I am of opinion that should we impair in a LO that which
have favoured its constructive emergence, the LO will immerge
destructively - it will stop acting like a LO.

I have already written that the seven essentialities of creativity are
necessary for emergences to happen. I have aleady intoruced two of them:
"Becoming-being" (liveness) and "identity-categoricity" (sureness).

Let us think about sureness. Having a unique vision is an important facet
in promoting sureness in a LO. I have observed a couple of LOs and have
sadly been a member of one of them in which the unique vision splintered
into two incoherent visions, rather transforming coherently from one
vision to a another. Thos organisations eventually stopped acting as LOs.

I will try to get the discussion on the third essentiality
"assoiciativity-monadicity" (wholeness) out before friday. If not please
have patience with me.

I have been invited to a journey into the northern deserts of Namibia
(Damaraland and Kaokoveld - look it up in your maps). We may already leave
next Friday. I will be away for roughly 6 weeks. I cannot wait to walk
some old long forgotten trails, or to set foot where culture has not yet
transformed nature. I will not be able to answer any mail in this period.
I will also unsubscribe temporaly from all mailing lists. Please help me
to keep my mailbox empty.

I now have to something very unpleasant. I have to take my dog Noah (a
german shepperd dog) to the the vet to be set out. All the family had been
crying since Friday when the vet and I took this decision. I will be the
only one of the family to be with him during the last minutes. But life
without quality (another essentiality) is not life any more. Noah told me
so last Thursday evening. He has a strange way of speaking with soft
noises which sounds like groans and moans. Alas, the LO between him and
our family has to stop.

Best wishes


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