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As another LOer pointed out (sorry, I deleted the post) the Learning Org
lies somewhere along the continuum between the two boundary points of
Either/Or and Both/And. I agree with that perspective, and think that
most posts to the thread lie closer to the Either/Or position.

However, I do not think there need be a consensus point on which approach
is best, nor have I seen one in this list.

Rather, I believe we each adopt a personal choice about which approach
best works for each of us. Having adopted that approach (and I hesitate
to call it a position, as we do learn and change) we then work to
incorporate that approach into what we do, and the structures within which
operate (families, business, etc). Where we are incapable of
incorporating our beliefs within the structures, (or altering the
structures), we either compromise, or move on. It does seem that some on
the list have moved on.

I would be reluctant to ascribe a particular approach to the list. I
believe that would be too restrictive and hampers learning.

Hoping I have not misinterpreted your post,



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