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Hi, Jody--this is a helluva question, one near and dear to my heart.

Jody Ventetuolo wrote:

> What is your personal sense of purpose or mission? How does your work help
> you fulfill it?

as a fledgling LO'er, I asked myself this same question. then, my parents
(and the other people who ask intimate questions in a demanding way) asked
me what it is that I do. my answers were not very satisfactory (eliciting
comments like, "ahhh. what do you facilitate? who do you train? why do
you do this stuff?").

I quickly determined two things. The purpose of my heart is to facilitate
the development and sustainability of healthy living communities and
organizations. I believe that this can only be done by helping people
develop their capacity for personal power within their
organization/community. The imperative in following my heart is to save
my own life. I again accept that this purpose refines the great unifying
theme of my life--and discovering one's "theme of life" is an important
self-discovery. By "saving my life," I am referring to my attaining
self-actualizion through honoring and respecting the tacit wisdom and
knowledge of others--and helping them discover their own "theme of life."

I find that the material rewards aren't currently attractive--but the life
I am living brings me more spiritual wealth than ever before. My work is
now centered on my purpose--and my hope is that I can sustain myself by
following this "invisible leader."

walk in peace!


"Only a life lived for others is worth living."  ^WAlbert Einstein

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