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Replying to LO18133 --

thanks for this one, Rick. This is a good example of significance in
performance critiques. The key is that the standards are obvious to a
trained professional (and lay person) and the potential consequences
dramatic. I've found in my own experience that when we can quickly
comprehend consequences of poor performance that include death or injury
and destruction of high-value property, then the more demanding the
training and performance standards are--as well as the performance
critique. I suspect your client would consider the naval aviation
profession to be very much a learning one.


[Host's Note: I'll add my reply right here... Doc, yes, he is emphatic
that it was a high performance learning organization. One small point...
I'm not sure that a lay person could judge performance of carrier
landings. I do know that for conventional airplanes, the smoothest landing
may be too fast and not necessarily the safest landing. ...Rick]

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