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Thu, 21 May 1998 11:00:38 +0000

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Re: the music metaphor in the competition/cooperation thread

Ed wrote that the Modern Jazz Quartet...
> communicated with their
> instruments.... There was no ego on stage, just intense listening to their
> fellow musicians. I realized I was watching what it meant to communicate
> at the highest level.

Last February I had the pleasure attending one of the workshops at the
annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at University Of Idaho. Diana Krall
and her bassist and guitarist played and spoke about playing together.
What I remember them saying was playing together was considered as a
conversation. They listened intently to each other. The point was also
made that they trusted and respected each other and where each musician
was going on a solo. Showing off was not respected, anymore than
grandstanding would be thought well of in a meeting at work. Walking out
of that workshop, I was reminded of Max Dupree (sp?) book "Leadership
Jazz" which I have not yet read. So many, books so little time.

BTW, Diana Krall is a stunning blond, with a deep sultry voice, and an
accomplished musician and student of jazz.



Tony Barrett
University of Idaho


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