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Mon, 25 May 1998 21:25:07 EDT

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You might look into Semco (see Semler's book, Maverick). Is one of the
more impressive cases that I've run across, changing from a long history
of top- down management to almost completely natural (un-managed). Part
of the changes were deliberate, part not.

> I could use some help with references. What companies come to mind when
> you think of successful, deliberate or not, culture change efforts. The
> operative word here is change. I am not as interested in organizations
> which started with a clean sheet, but more those organizations which had a
> long history of a particular style, and reinvented their culture,
> successfully. If you know something about the effort, please share what
> can about the success factors conncted with that effort. Thanks much for
> your thoughts.


Terri A Deems

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