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fjalex wrote:
> I could use some help with references. What companies come to mind when
> you think of successful, deliberate or not, culture change efforts. The
> operative word here is change. I am not as interested in organizations
> which started with a clean sheet, but more those organizations which had a
> long history of a particular style, and reinvented their culture,
> successfully. If you know something about the effort, please share what
> can about the success factors conncted with that effort. Thanks much for
> your thoughts.
> Fran Alexander
> "fjalex" <>


Can I add to the book list:

Lean Thinking by Womack & Jones, pub Simon & Schuster ISBN 0-684-81035-2.

They describe Pratt & Witney and the massive change they had to make to
jet engine design and manufacture in the light of basic fuel costs
increases in the 80's. Super reading.

Also you might like to find the journal "Business Change & Re-Engineering"
pub J Wiley. This quarterly journal has published short papers about many
changes. Many have been from Autstralia, re public utilities and
banking/insurance whih I have found most interesting. The newer version
of this journal entitled "Knowledge and Process Management" had two superb
papers in the last edition, one re customer service delivery changes at
Xerox, and the other by Brian Dickinson "Knowing that the project clothes
have no emperor: How to support the business -- not the old systems".

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