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fjalex wrote:
> I could use some help with references. What companies come to mind when
> you think of successful, deliberate or not, culture change efforts. The
> operative word here is change. I am not as interested in organizations
> which started with a clean sheet, but more those organizations which had a
> long history of a particular style, and reinvented their culture,
> successfully. If you know something about the effort, please share what
> can about the success factors conncted with that effort. Thanks much for
> your thoughts.
> Fran Alexander
> "fjalex" <>

Although DuPont duNemours is one of the oldest corporations in USA, they
begun a 'greenfield' site in the Oviedo area of Asturias, Spain. They had
nothing a the site with regards to buildings nor product lines, BUT they
had to contend with the centuries old work culture of the corporation, as
well as centuries old mythology of the country.

The best source of information for this successful venture --they are now
in their 7-8th year-- is the person assigned from the beginning to
'resource' people's minds regarding old paradigms and the 'removal' of old
beliefs and archtypes. His name is Paul Shepard, and he can be reached at: or at home via

If anything, at the least, you may be able to be in touch with a wonderful
human being. Another potential is to learn from a wonderful and powerful
experience, and at the highest potential you may be even invited to
participate on the co-creation that I've witnessed and come to appreciate
since 1992.

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