Dallas/Ft. Worth OD Network LO18211 -June Meeting Notice

Dutch Driver (ddriver@cs1.mcm.edu)
Wed, 27 May 1998 14:05:50 -0500 (CDT)

DFW Organizational Development Network

Monthly Meeting Announcement June 1998

Topic: How to Disagree

When: Thursday, June 11, 1998
6:30 to 7:30 PM - Refreshments and Networking
7:30 to 9:00 PM - Program

Where: AMR Headquarters Building
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261 (South of DFW Airport -
Take Amon Carter South from Highway 183 or Trinity Blvd East from
Highway 360)

What would happen if we didn't disagree? Would our lives be more positive
and productive? Or, would we experience some unintended consequences?
Without disagreement, it would be difficult for organizations to perceive
changes in the marketplace, and adapt and survive. Groups wouldn't be
able to synergize their efforts and perform as effectively. Individuals
couldn't express themselves as well, or be as satisfied with their
contributions as they could be. Yet, most of us view disagreement as an
unpleasant and unproductive process. Join Jeff Bracken, Joy Griggs and
Karl Krayer to explore and experience the dynamics that help and hinder
this essential and beneficial process, and learn some practical techniques
for dealing with it effectively.

Planning Team This is a self organizing team made up of dues paying
members of the DFW ODN who regularly participate in the process of program
development for the DFW OD Network.

Jeff Bracken (972) 484-9887 Scherry Johnson (972) 883-2105
Marc Bridgham (817) 497-7734 Susan Lewis (972) 250-0052
Jack Brittain (972) 883-2027 Ned Munger (972) 964-7056
Lisa Collings (817) 462-6188 James Powers (817) 967-0890
Don DeBoer (972) 684-8183 Gene Ruckle (214) 632-3541
Ron Shenberger (972) 994-5756 Pete Sorenson (817) 540-5499
Joy Griggs (214) 357-1832 Al Stroud (972) 308-1633
Sue Hammond (972) 378-0523
Franklin Fullerman(940)497-7734

Call Jack Brittain to join and pay membership dues, Al Stroud to get on
our mailing list, and any member of the planning team for more
information. To receive e-mail delivery of the meeting notices and other
DFW ODN information, send your e-mail address to Al Stroud at


Dutch Driver <ddriver@cs1.mcm.edu>

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