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I have some ideas for you re:

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Bryant, JB wrote:
> I am soon to begin work on a research paper for a class I am taking in
> Knowledge Management. My final project will be a research paper dealing
> with the effect of form and style on knowledge transfer. In other words,
> how can communication be designed so that it facilitates quick, efficient
> internalization by the end user and greater retention? In the case of
> written communication this might include things like font selection,
> headings, white space, indentation, sentence structure, visual aids, etc.,
> etc. In spoken communication it might include things like voice
> inflection, pitch, though organization, etc., etc.

I'm the cartoonist for the Boeing Company's DCAC/MRM program (known
otherwise as "the acronymn from hell" or " the worlds largest to date
business re-engineering project").

I do a lot of work with helping people change, including using various
kinds of graphical displays to facilitate creative break through and

My website (which contains a small library and a summery of ideas) is at:

Hopefully it can add a little different twist to your research, and
connect you with sources (like Ed Tufte of Yale University) that can help
you investigate things like font selection and visual communication

I hope this helps,
Michael Erickson

> There are no boundaries on this project. I can make it whatever I want,
> so I am also open for that sort of suggestion as well. My primary
> interest is in how the things Humanities academia has been studying for
> years are being applied to KM. I would be very interested in resources
> originating out of the humanities themselves (such as communications
> theory, learning theory, psychology, journalism, literature, philosophy,
> etc.). I am even more interested in anything coming out of KM and
> Organizational Learning.
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