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Walter Derzko (
Fri, 29 May 1998 14:05:19 -0700

I'm working with a client who gets newswire feeds (NewsEdge, DowJones etc)
streamed to individual desktops. This "pipe" of information can be
sorted/selected by keyword. The client is looking for events, that signal
new directions in technology that affects the core business.

Even with the key words, this still leaves a torrent of information
hitting you every day and this can quickly lead to overload and reduced
use of a valuable service.

Has anyone seen any good filtering tools that can be attached to newsfeeds?

As a sense-making exercise, we have created 1) Knowledge Maps (of external
environmental factors) and Decision Maps for the entire team and for
individuals. I'm looking for any tools that might link the two tools
together-an easy way to transfer relevant information from the newsfeeds
that supports or redflags issues addressed in the individual knowledge
maps. I do it manually-cut and paste as I read, but it's quite labor

Has anyone seen any off -the-shelf tools to automate or semi-automate the
process? The client uses a Lotus Notes platform, which frankly is not well
liked and has been abandoned by many in the department.

Software like Decision Explorer or does quite have all the
features I'm looking for temporal feature to link various
decisions and environmental factors over time... Visualization of
significant information is a key point I think.

2) we also have several end-point scenarios for this technology area,
which we would like to link our stream of newswire feeds to.

I'm sure many of your have come up against the same frustration. Is anyone
doing something about it?

3) Has anyone seen any software that can data-mine newsfeeds for new
unexpected patterns, anomalies, red-flags, new key words?
i.e. the frequency of appearance of someone's name over time in certain
i.e. the frequency of appearance or disappearance of links of say two names
over time. For now, I'm looking for off-the-shelf stuff, vs writing new
software code or algorithms.

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