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Walter Derzko wrote:
> Even with the key words, this still leaves a torrent of information
> hitting you every day and this can quickly lead to overload and reduced
> use of a valuable service.
> Has anyone seen any good filtering tools that can be attached to
> newsfeeds?....

The "spooks" have used a piece of software called "spire" to create
themescapes. this is being developed for the rest of us by a company in
richland washington called thememedia. thememedia is a startup and i am
not certain of the status of the product. It creates 3D maps as it data

the question is how you set up your searches and then what you do with
emerging patterns- and that still takes a human biocomputer

the cost/bit of info is getting cheaper. the cost/useful bit- more

[Host's Note: presumably "spook" means intelligence, spies, CIA. ..Rick]


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