Competition LO18234
Sun, 31 May 1998 10:25:36 EDT

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In a message dated 98-05-30 16:40:06 EDT, you write:

> However, in the broader usage of the word competitive as striving to
> do one's best or actively advocating a belief, I agree, others will view
> me as competitive.


I am questioning the above--the connection of advocacing a belief with the
word competitive even in the broader usage. I see advocacy as an action of
supporting, recommending, even, as in the role of the attorney, pleading
for the welfare of someone, something or an idea. Language and how it is
used insinuates a lot--although I certainly question whether we can keep
word usage "pure." Could you expand further as to why you see advocacy as
a competitive activity in the broader sense? Or is it the addition of the
word "active" that changes the picture?



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