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Sun, 31 May 1998 11:01:45 EDT

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> I think your KEY PHRASE: is "should". Are there universal "shoulds"
> govern our goals and plans? For myself, the concept of the Learning
> Organization is about getting familiar with reality (rather than our
> obscured view of it) and part of the learning is defining goals (like
> should an LO make hens happier or the battery more productive, or both).
> The shoulds aren't part of the interest in LO. LO is about exploration.


The above response to a post (The Joke) opens a lot of "stuff" for me that
gets down to the individual as related to learning. "You should" is often
a directive statement that blocks connections and learning....and it also
represents, for me, a segment of the competitive stance that has been
discussed at length lately. Learning IS about exploration and most
especially at the individual level. A person who tells me "you should" is
taking away the option to discuss, explore and learn--stiffling thought
and innovation in the process. Part of the learning is looking for the
"reality" involved--if there is one. Part of "shoulding" is telling others
to accept a certain reality (theirs), whether it is real or not.

Jane Seiling



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