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You are probably already aware of the field of Information Engineering and
Data Modelling. In case you do not know about these, I thought I would
mention them to you.

I am sure this field does not meet all of your systems requirements, but
it does help a great deal to see how information and knowledge elements
relate to each other.

One of the weaknesses of data modelling is that it does not portray the
dynamics of knowledge capture, movement, creation, etc.

But it does help us link organization strategy and mission to what the
organization does by defining what information is required if the mission
is to be achieved.

Hope this gives you a useful thought.

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On Sunday, July 12, 1998 9:43 PM, Mario Vasquez LO18583 wrote:

>My basic interest are Knowledge management systems with indicators, We (me
>a two other students) structured a research team in that subject for our
>We have been working using the systemic approach and we have the first set
>of indicators for our system. We are also trying to create a model (using
>system dynamics) of an organization good enough to test our indicators and
>foster the evolution of our research.


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