Caring about the boss LO18646
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 23:01:58 -0400

Replying to LO18632 --

This is an issue I have dealt with more times than I care to recall.
Ultimately, I found that I could not get past trust issues based on moral
integrity. When trust is fractured from ignorance, poor judgement, or bad
luck, we can overcome our lack of trust by understanding that people make
honest mistakes and stuff happens in life we don't expect.

When, however, individuals repeatedly choose to behave in a way I cannot
accept on moral grounds, I am no longer viable as an employee under that
person's leadership. I suppose the answer to Brock's question is very
individual; but this is mine.

In that particular situation, I would have wanted to ask the manager what
motivated him to behave as he did. If he saw no problem in blaming me for
his errors, then I would not have applied for the vacancy. I'm not sure
if any response would have abdicated him, but I would at least have talked
about it.

kind regards,
Vana Prewitt

Brock Vodden wrote:

> What about one's feelings for, or caring for, one's boss? Do feelings of
> this kind affect the way you perform? Is it possible to overcome an
> intense dislike for him or her, with no effect on the performance?


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