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Replying to LO18620 --

I find this exchange between Tony Carr and Vana Prewitt a powerful
learning experience, and a demonstration of the crucial point Vana makes.

If Tony had asked about email and reflectie practice during a face to face
teaching session, there would have been little or no time for reflection:
the face to face teaching/learning dynamic does not allow for a 20-minute
pause while we reflect, but encourages the swift, often glib, response.

Those who are hoping to make online teaching and learning more like the
realtime classroom may be moving in exactly the wrong direction.

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> Contrary to popular belief, learning does not occur at the instance of
> communication (class, reading, discussion), but upon reflection. The
> value of the LO list is, for me, that the reflective process of digesting
> and rolling LO ideas around in ones head has a sympathetic environment of
> like-minded querists, not bound by geographical limits.
> Vana Prewitt


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