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Richard Charles Holloway (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 20:01:42 -0800

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I know that this may sound heretical...but have you considered asking a
representative sampling of the 60k employees located in the 30 countries
this question? This is one great framing question for a global
corporation to use in an Open Space meeting process to internalize and
realize a wonderful answer to your question. That is, assuming that the
company wants to hear the answer. wrote:

> I need help answering the question "What is the best way to structure a
> global services organization to insure global processes with consideration
> to local (national) issues and to enhance learning?". This company has
> over 60,000 employess and is located in over 30 countries. The issue is
> balancing the need to provide a consistent look to global customers while
> maintaining a local touch in each geography.

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