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Thu, 12 Nov 1998 15:28:14 +0200

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Dear Organlearners,

Doc Holloway <> writes:

>I know that this may sound heretical...but have you
>considered asking a representative sampling of the 60k
>employees located in the 30 countries this question?
>This is one great framing question for a global corporation
>to use in an Open Space meeting process to internalize
>and realize a wonderful answer to your question. That
>is, assuming that the company wants to hear the answer.

Hi Doc,

I almost get the feeling that you are teasing us with some bait hiding a

If nobody sees the bait or everybody sees the hook or there is no
fisherman at all, I would still like to know why you thought of suggesting
the Open Space meeting process for the situation refered to. Thank you
very much.

Best wishes


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