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Hello everyone from not so sunny Australia,

My name is Jodi Smith, and I am an environmentalist by training,
practicing as a Corporate and Strategic Planner for Local Government in
South Australia. I am also doing a Phd on business management / change
management / environmental management through the Adelaide University.

I am aiming to produce a Stella / Ithink Model that will investigate the
interrelationships between all factors in a business situation and the
introduction of change, the effects of this and how it can best or most
productively be managed. At this stage I am using the introduction of
environmental management systems as the 'change' example, this is useful
in so much as it can show the external pressures such as legislation, the
community, pollution / health reasons, international issues, etc that
affect organisations as well as the internal issues eg: culture, staff,
product, process, marketing, etc.

It is my belief that many attempts at introducing changes to Organisations
fail because management fail to address all the issues that are affecting
the outcomes. Hence I want to produce a model that will enable this to be
demonstrated, I am particularly keen on modeling the 'softer' issues that
people forget about.

Being responsible for producing the Corporate and Strategic Plan for the
City that I work for I am also keen on any information relating to this.
If anyone has any relevant information for my Phd or my work I would
greatly appreciate it.

Hoping you are all well,

Jodi Smith
BApp Sc (EnvHealth) PGDipNatResMgt
Corporate Planning
City of West Torrens
Phone: 8416 6292
Fax: 8443 9099


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