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Replying to LO19790 --

Greeting to Jodi Smith.

We have something in common as I am responsible for Environment, Health,
Safety and Quality of my organisation, referred to as HSEQ manager.

I am practising and learning much of the subjects you mentioned:

"business management / change management / environmental management"

You wrote, "I am aiming to produce a Stella / Ithink Model that will
investigate the interrelationships between all factors in a business
situation and the introduction of change, the effects of this and how it
can best or most productively be managed. "

"It is my belief that many attempts at introducing changes to
Organisations fail because management fail to address all the issues that
are affecting the outcomes. Hence I want to produce a model that will
enable this to be demonstrated, I am particularly keen on modeling the
'softer' issues that people forget about."

I notice you have emphasied heavily the followings in the above:


IMHO, from System Thinking perspective, the focus is not ALL the Factors
or Issues, but the inter-connectivity, inter-dependency and relationship
of some of the keys elements or factors with profound understanding. With
application of Principle of Leverage, influence and / or intervene to
cause changes to a desired outcome or direction.

The experimentation / practising of the above concept are illustrated in
my homepage, more in the Internet Knoweledge Database as per Outsights
(see websites addresses below).

You are most welcome to visit and give your comments and critiques.


Andrew Wong
Organisation Observer and Thinker
Personal Coach & Organisation Coach
An associate of Outsights

-- (Andrew Wong Hee Sing)

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